"As a small business owner, it is imperative that I find business partners who are honest, talented, and a great value - I have found those qualities and more when working with Chance Cusack for my latest new venture. He delivered the work on time and gave me exactly what I wanted. I plan on working with him in the future and am so grateful for his services. "

Kacie Linegar
President, CK2 Consulting
Houston, TX

"I have used Chance Cusack for my professional and personal PC problems. His expertise over the last year and a half of fixing my Mac computers and my Windows-based computers has helped keep my business going without much downtime. His professionalism and his hard work of never giving up and researching a problem and fixing it is truly amazing I highly recommend his services. I, like most people, have all kinds of problems with personal computers and get stuck and don"t know what to do. Chance knows how to research them and fix them fast. I highly recommended his services. "

Dr. Michael Donoghue
Owner, Donoghue Chiropractic Center
Lincolnshire, IL

"I am thrilled to have found Chance Cusack to fix all of my computer issues and I HIGHLY recommend his services! I own a small business and all my clients have their own IT departments so when anything doesn't work on their computers, they have someone to call. Now I do as well. Chance is brilliant and his level of knowledge and expertise is so extensive; he has been able to fix all my computer problems immediately. He is always accessible which really helps me. I am the kind of person who does not care why it doesn't work -- I just want it to do what I want it to do when I want it to do it. Chance gives me that. He is always prepared to explain in detail if I want and he is not offended that I don't have the desire to understand it. He presents issues to me in extremely user-friendly language, directly related to how it will affect me. He sometimes explains that I have two options and asks me specifically which of them I want after explaining how it will work for me. He recently helped me select a new lap top and he handled ALL of the transferring of data and set the whole thing up. He has never encountered a problem that he didn't immediately know how to fix and he has the ability to fix my computers long distance, remotely, which is fantastic. I am so happy to found this guy! Since I found him, I have NEVER been unable to use my computer and conduct business as had been the case beforehand. It takes a weight off my shoulders because I know I won't have go through that helpless frustration of being unable to make my computer do what I need. I am so grateful to him!!!! "

Mary MacKenzie
President, MacKenzie Management Solutions
Libertyville, IL

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