Each item links to its source file or site.

Web Design

Grace Mercy Love GSD Rescue

Logo, site design in progress.

Olga Gagne Realty

Logo and web design for real estate agent. Site beta completed, update in progress.

Val's Pals GSD & Large Paw Rescue

Complete site redesign for local non-profit German Shepherd rescue.

Graphic Design

Logan's East Coast Racks

Logo, site design in progress.

Bid of Hope

Logo design for a local cancer and wellness non-profit.

Ron Mafrige Enterprises

Designed multiple on-site signs for a property management company.

MacKenzie Management Solutions

Logo, letterhead, business card; web design in progress.


Promo work done for Val's Pals GSD & Large Paw Rescue.


Logo design for freelance writer's publication.